Sunday, January 1, 2012

Quilting Workshop @Bangalore

Quilts and other cloth-based narrative art are part of many cultures. Quilts serve as both personal and communal objects and are a form of artistic expression too. These are often made by hand collaboratively using materials such as scraps of cloth.

When these scraps of cloth are put together, there is much more than gross geometrical patterns .... they tell a story about their creator, the historical and cultural context of their creation through the choices made in design, material and content.
Haliyal is a small town in Uttara Kannada district. In each house you will find women making quilts for the monsoon season. After a tiring day's work,the women settle down in the verandah to work on their quilts. An old sari is used as a backing for the pattern created from pieces of used cloth. The colorful bits of cloth are often lovingly gathered from family and friends over a period of time.The quilting practice also helps understand how women in villages / small towns always found use for scrap or the smallest of things. It is also interesting to observe how they find creative use for it :) To gift a quilt, sewn with old clothes of the family, for the daughter who gets married, often carries fond memories of the maternal home.

                                     Our very patient teacher ... With high standards and a great sense of humor!Poornima Bhola 

Nirmalakka from the Haliyal village and stitches quilts. Her needlecraft shows a remarkable expertise and originality. She will be sharing the techniques and patterns involved in the process of stitching a quilt. It is an opportunity to work under the guidance of a traditional quilt maker. 

The details are given below. Do come along if you are interested and do pass it around as well.

3 days Workshop on: The Art of Quilt making

Date: Jan26th to Jan28th
Time: 10am - 5pm
Venue: #117, Vakil Garden City, Near Talagattapura Police Station, Kanakpura Road, Bangalore 
Contact: 08026968117
Pl Note: Participants will get to create a mini quilt and will learn traditional quilt making stitches. 
Please write to us if you are interested for further details.

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Participants write:

Carol Shatananda

Hey Savita, 

:) Nice to see that there is another workshop on! All the best. 
Is Nirmala akka doing it again? Please give her my love and tell her that I think of her with much fondness. How are you doing? 
I'm not sure if I told you but we've moved to Toronto so I am going to miss this. 
Well, I hope it goes very well. And I hope this time the participants will do more of the write-ups. 

Meetali Mukherjee on face book wall 
I had the most fulfilling 3 days of my life attending the last workshop. That mini quilt started off as our dining table centre piece and now functions as Rahul's laptop coaster and doubles as a mousepad too! Nirmalakka is a champ and Savita Uday's commitment is inspiring.

Poornima Bhola 
What a wondering soul satisfying workshop this was! Lucky to be part of this handmade journey.

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