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Journeying on the River Route
An excursion on the Sharavati River

February 3rd to 7th 2015
Honnavar, Uttara Kannada

We at BuDa Folklore are very excited to send out this call to students of std.XI across schools and colleges for a memorable Study Tour on the Sharavati River. As part of the River Route Programme, students will be able to experience:


  • A journey across the forgotten route of the Sharavati river, once a busy river route in Portuguese times. An Italian world traveler, Pietro Della Valle took a similar route in the Sharavati on 14th October, 1622 and has left behind a very interesting account of his journey. 
  •  Beautiful views in the heart of Nature as we trek, ride by boat and travel from on end of the Sharavati River to the Arabian Sea
  • Historical sites of Gersoppe/Nagre and Haigundi, relatively untouched and unexplored places reminiscent of the long-gone past that give the air of mystery and adventure
  • Interaction with and learning from the Tribes of Uttara Kannada, who live in ways that are closely connected to the river. Students can experience and learn local techniques of various arts and occupations
  • Five memorable days of fun and deep immersion in the nature and culture of Uttara Kannada, with loving hospitality from everyone you encounter

Join us along the river on a journey to two historical islands, the tribe of the river Sharavati, the folk culture, the food, the hospitality, boat-ride, the arts, crafts, livelihood. 

  To become a part of the river - flowing, meandering, swaying in the powerful current..      
                     To see the power, the calm and the surrender of the river.   

                                                    Come Be, the Sharavati River.

About BuDa

BuDa Folklore is a part of 'Janapada Vishva Prathishtana', an NGO based in Honnavar, of Uttar Kannada. The region is rich in natural beauty, biodiversity and culture. The team at BuDa Folklore has their roots in education, anthropology and community development.

BuDa believes in experiential learning and ascertains that all Study Tours involve a balanced mix of head, heart and hands, with an awareness of learning from all sources, whether or not they are commonly considered knowledge. An important factor that sets BuDa apart is that the local tribes play a major role in the organisation. They facilitate learning in a way that is beautiful, inclusive, surprising and deeply memorable for students.

To know more about the Study tour, please contact budafolklore@gmail.com 
                                                or call 08762400175
shedi art from hanmi ajji -river tribe 

Experiences of past students:

More about BuDa Study Tours: 

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