Friday, November 1, 2013

Angadi bail Volunteers ....!!

What a journey................!!

Kiran Pawar..

  Photos:Nima Parekh 

the beautiful western ghat forests, the fresh n cold water from the streams, the sun rise, the sun set, the fireflies, the fog, the star filled skies, the leeches, the baby king cobra, the fake leopard footprints, and all those beautiful birds. Appaji's maruti, Amma's hair therapy paste, our own little hut, the wooden logs we used for a bridge, the firewood chulha, the food we cooked, the kerosene lamps, the big black ants, the banana leaves, the people we met, the places we went, the waterfall, the rain, all the digging n shovelling, and most importantly, you guys. You guys, i love so much. who knew, such a bond could be made? Someone should write a song on this

Where do we go next?  i'm missing waking up at four am and blabbering aimlessly with whoever it was sleeping next to me.

Where are we heading to?
Just the last ten days I spent in a forest where human intervention is close to nil, and where nature's beauty blew my mind off. I cannot begin to describe how beautiful it was, and how happy everyday i lived there made me.
And now, here I am, back to my home, to this world which we have made. and all i see is smoke n all i hear is the noise from crackers. And my heart aches. That beautiful place, who wouldn't want to live in a happy place like that?
Just a thought. where are we heading to?

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