Sunday, April 8, 2012

Summer nostalgia…

Summer nostalgia…
Growing up in small town in Honnavar was great in many aspects, but the one that's shaped me the most is the freedom to roam, explore. We had endless energy..
We never knew about Switzerland but only grand ma’s backyard, that was simply enough and that has given all the memories for the rest of the life…

Everyone generation has a story to tell and memories to re-live, of how their summers were spent. Nostalgia is the flavor of the season that I now so often indulge in…. where summer was about people, mangoes, going to the village fair.. , Catching fish in the streams, collecting wild berries, preparing kaaju juice.. raw mango pachdi, Listing to the radio under the shade of mango tree.. vividh-bharati.., aalemane … and play and play all the time.

So it's the beginning of summer holidays! I love this ode to careless, free summers..
Bright mornings …cool evenings.. Summer showers... Birds chirping everywhere..

Now, summer is felt, not only because of the scorching heat, but also for the hype that surrounds it. Everything around is buzzing with summer camps, summer fashion, summer holiday destinations, summer workouts, and more. There is more to summer than scorching sun; more hype than heat. Summer seems to be the happening thing around.

I look back at the summers we had as kids… where it was about fun, holidays, and of doing nothing and everything. Summer was about more of family, fun and frolic. There was no homework to complete, no extracurricular classes to attend and no summer camps to participate in .Life was so less complicated in those days. Devoid of cutting edge technologies and concrete jungles, there was more to life and living. Summer was not about air conditioners, gas-guzzling generators, ice skating rinks or blue colored mock tails.. It was about charting one’s own activities, time tables and living for the moment.

Yes, it was different then. It is a lot different now. I do long for the back yore days… but there is still so much at the moment to bask in. To learn. To feel. To enjoy. To live. Often I wish to go back, back to that point in life when everything seemed simpler.

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