New Intern Sara

Hello! My name is Sara Taylor and I'm interning with BuDa for the next few months. I hail from the Blue Ridge Mountains in Charlottesville, Virginia and go to school at Brandeis University outside of Boston. So far I've spent seven months in India for my third academic year of my liberal arts degree (Anthropology and Environmental Studies) and I can't imagine leaving come May. I've been lucky enough to be involved with BuDa for the past month and a half as part of the internship potion of my program, run through the Enviornmental Support Group in Banglaore (you may have seen me standing, gawkily tall, in some of the quilting worship photos). Though I'm primarily involved with workshops and student groups that BuDa hosts, I'm also doing a research project creating a book on forgotten recipes. If you're interested in seeing some of my experiences in India, check out my blog.
Arpita, Sara, Swathi and Savitha
serving chai to the busy quilters 


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