Thursday, July 21, 2011

Folk forms ..motifs..and images...

When in every form there is the hint 
of the formless
and in every movement there is a
message of stillness
when in every finite space there is the 
quest of the infinite
when a form takes us from the 
temporal to the eternal
it is then that akriti leads to sanskriti
that is beautifully Indian

speaking tree--July 10 2011

The beautiful is not just an adornment .It is a visual prayer and is crucial to our being ...
In them resides knowledge,an ancient memory.. a beautiful energy..

In them are bodily rhythems of trackless genarations..from their movement will arise metaphors and motifs passed down from mother to daughter and above all in these hands is the living and pulsating desire to create a beautiful shaps and motifs.

We will loose ourselves in their patterns and textures, their forms and shapes their simplicity in complexity and in them we will hear hushed sounds of moving fingers and we will discover hidden truths about life and living

these artistic creations are archetypal symbols of human consciousness.

They have come down to us mother to daughter through trackless centuries and although they are created by individuals they have the power and the pedigree of the entire tradition behind them

Many of these representations of everyday art  wiped away and then made again..

The wooden human size figures made from the forest wood and left under a tree to decompose and from the same decomposed soil another forest was born ..they are the reminders of the cosmic drama of creation, destruction and renual and both by their presence and their proses these beautiful forms become silent messengers of deep and abiding metaphysicl and religious insights

Content  curtsy : The Times of  India -the speaking tree July 10 2011

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