Thursday, July 21, 2011

Trip to Honnavar

A write up from the student participant Kriti Kamotra 

from Srishti School Of Art and Design who visited Honnavar .
The four day trip to Honnavar was an unforgettable experience.
The small place Honnavar is surrounded with many small islands.
Each island having different tribes and cultures.
It is situated in the west coast of Karnataka.
It has a very diverse and rich culture.

1st Day

 We started our day with the typical food and specialties like "kotte rotti"
(idlis prepared in the jack fruit leaf).
We saw the local artist Hanumi (from the gomakkul community) working
 on her paintings called "shedi kale"
 which is done by special brushes made out of betelnut's shell.
They colors used are made naturally with laterite stones etc.

We visited "Mavinkurve" one of the islands, where we learnt
the art of making grass mats and also tried making it ourselves.
We tried many herbal local drinks.
(There are more than 60 herbal drinks made there)

2nd Day

We visited another island and visited Salvador mane.
We observed that here there was a lot of influence of christanity.
The main occupation of most of the people here is making choir.
The decay the coconut husk in the soil under water for min 9months.
 after that it is dug out, peel apart, and beaten with a wooden tool to fiber.
 Further it was made in to a rope.

We again visited Mavinkurve where we went to a
different part of it this time.
We came across many shops still using the old heavy locks,
we met few more people.
We came across a lady who sang for us,
 told us about different songs they sing in different occasions,
different attire, sarees, jewellery etc.

In the evening we met women from Halakki tribe, Sukri and Nugli.
These women have still kept their culture of wearing many strings around their neck,
 wearing the typical styled saree etc.
We saw them dancing, singing, and had a chat with them about their different culture,
attire, occasions etc.

3rd Day

We went to visit the Honnavar Halakki tribe.We could see 
any differences between  the Ankola Halakki tribe and
the Honnava Halakki tribe. 
In the way they dress their general attitude etc.

4th Day

We had got all the materials and information we wanted,
we finished of with whatever we needed more. 
And at the end we relaxed at the beach!

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