Monday, August 24, 2015

Mungaaru-the monsoon gathering

Monsoon. Thats what mungaaru means. We'd scheduled 

the mungaaru gathering for the 

“Independence day” weekend. And as much as anyone can quarrel with the idea of nation 

state no one can help loving the idea of freedom and growth that this weekend can birth. 

After all a bunch of city folk are going to disconnect their devices, plant some trees, 

transplant paddy and play kabbadi in a small rural area of Uttara Kannada- Angadibail.

Angadibail is lush and cacophonous, especially at night. The cycle 

of life in full glory. A perfect place to learn to surrender to life and be glad. A perfect time to 

do it. In Angadibail, this mungaaru we had so much to be glad for...

NEW things... OLD things... FAMILIAR things... MUDDY things... WILD things...

Late buses and multiple arrivals

No cell phone network

Changes in plans and flexible 


Carrying tree saplings  

    Planting them


Bathing in the waterfall and 


Fireflies, pill insects, tadpoles in 

pools of 

mud and croaking frogs.

Beera ..

The crazy goats.

Kabaddi matches and kabaddi 

players of all 

shapes, sizes and talents

Smiles and laughs;

People who know the rules and

people who 

don't. The referees

Transplanting paddy 

People who know how and who

 can teach you

Changing designs in the fields

A tiller, a scared cow and a 

human being 

doing the work of a bullock

Singing while you work

Mud fights

Aching muscles and happy 


Adults yak yak yakking

Children playing, adults playing. 

Children working   adults working

Made up games


Strains of the flute filling the air.

Night walks and sudden showers

Soap nut soap and Hemakka's tooth powder

Stone ground chutney

Serving lunch and being served

Kotte kadabu, ragi and rice rotis\

Wild colocasia leaf chutney and fig vegetable.

Kokum saplings to take home.

Leaf plates and a running stream for washing up

Dry firewood

Warm dry beds

Farewell hugs

Missing buses and drivers to catch up.

Next year to look forward to...

----Neesha Norohna

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