Monday, March 21, 2016

....and something beautiful remains .....

 This time trekking  along the beach for 4 days from Honnavar to Gokarna with a large group of students  from Sahyadri School  took me into  a different stroll.

The sunset ..the seashells ..the seagulls ..the starfish emerging from the sand ...the moon setting in the sea did not fascinate me ..

The children walked past  but I decided to stay behind  looking for something else

 I was watching with quiet fascination at the beautiful patterns created in the sand beneath my toes ..
I stumbled across many such patterns ....creations ....master pieces created by waves on  beach.   

Suddenly for me the beach looked like a canvas painted in diverse patterns 

Each pattern has to do something with the  currents, the tides ,the waves , the mineral deposits ,the rocks  and the organisms operate on the beach

The  Sand Bubbler crab, a crafty little beach-dweller  whose  sand ball creations are quite unintentionally artful.

the sand bubbler crab, nature’s very own artist 

While walking along  10 km beach at Dhareshwar i looked for this intricate patterns of  sand balls 

  designs made from tiny sand balls

creating these intricate masterpieces, knowing that the tide will soon come in and wash away his work forever.

 they're actually just the remnants left behind where a sand bubbler crab's been snacking

Like a lot of the most fascinating art forms, particularly ones that use nature as its medium, the sand bubblers delicate creations are short lived . Each time high tide returns, the sand ball formations crumble and are washed away, .

Early morning at  om beach in Gokarna  others were looking for a hot cup of coffee at the beach side restaurants  i was observing another fascinating art gallery

A sandy beach at low tide is often a magical place to be.  The receding sea can leave abstract patterns, often similar but never the same.

                                  The beauty of water meeting land ...

                              As the waves recede at low tide patterns are left in the sand  

             These beaches  typically consist of heavy iron-rich minerals and these    streaks are of those

         Wind in the sand trees......

    I observed.... The waves retreat gracefully and something beautiful remains ...

 Information  about sand bubbler crab -Thanks to Ravi Hegde.

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  1. Interesting article with beautiful pictures.

    Ramachandra U Mahale


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