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Sukri Visited  The Vally School in 2006. Shilo was a student at that time in Valley School and I was amazed the way Shilo  looked at Sukri's life ..and discoverd her untold stories...

I invite Shilo to come to Honnavar to catch folklore and illustrate stories that grew from the local knowledge system through  people like Sukrajji, Hanmi, Nugli... !! 


Shes from the Haalaki Tribe near Honnavar
her name?
Whilst working with her over a span of four days
discovering her art, her life and her being
Many myths were broken
many moments shared
She too, like me, loved shells above all things as a child.
She played with soil and simplicity.
When I asked her what she thought of me sitting in my jeans infront of her
she said in her native tongue:
"Won't it be difficult crossing the river in those?"

I had to agree.


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