Honnavar -weekend trip

 Buda Folklore and Gaia Wilderness Learning  Center  offering a 2 day programme  at Honnavar, a coastal town in the Uttara Kannada district.

Two days in Honnavar gives an opportunity to experience the essence of  environment and culture in the Coastal Belt region.

What makes thisprogramme special is that the participants get an opportunity to interact with tribal families, understand their living traditions, learn about their environment, food, art and craft, eco - friendly waysof living, biodiversity, etc. Also interesting are the study of the islands, river and sea through treks and beach camps.

The trip will also be a great community living experience


This programme has been designed with care to suit children / adults to have an experience of the rich heritage and folk culture of the coastal belt. There will be activities for both children and adults. As a community of people from diverse backgrounds, we expect a rich shared experience of learning and earth reverence at Honnavar..


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