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Tribes and Cultural Heritage -Photography Workshop

The mountains …the sea... and the river…and the indigenous people ..who belong to this land…

Living so close to the river and the sea when I was young I like to see some water and some green… And the seasons change.. The life flows…. life keeps flowing like a river…

The wonders of Nature are for all to see

And her unrivalled beauty is all around me

Near where the river meets the sea a few miles from my town

The river is singing just after sundown.

How refreshed we feel, when we spend time by the river or the sea! And the tribes who connects you with the nature.. what a blessing it is to renew our being with these elements...

I am inviting you to my hometown Honnavar where I lived so close to the nature and the tribes who were  so unique and beautiful . Let me capture those beautiful memories with you

About Honnavar:

Honnavar, a coastal town, is about 450km from Bangalore and an overnight journey by bus from Bangalore. The landscape of Honnavar, with the Western Ghats on one side and the Sharavathi River and the Arabian Sea on the other, is unique in its location. The sea, The Sharavathi river, the moutons..Forests, islands, waterfall, back waters, estuary, mangroves …are all a part of the natural landscape and make the place so beautiful. The tribes -Halakki ,Gondas, Siddis who are so unique and beautiful strong people living so close to the nature too welcome you as if you had known each other since times unknown.

About  buDa

Buda, a Folklore Research Center, dedicated to preservation of traditional knowledge systems and sustainable development of indigenous communities is located in Honnavar in the Uttara Kannada region of Karnataka. 
Its vision is to emerge as a focal knowledge center for folk culture and heritage. Buda foundation strongly believes in experiential learning and looks to create a forum where the participants could discuss and explore for themselves folk art & craft, cultural heritage and environment of indigenous communities. 
The folklore research center over the last three decades has created an extensive database on various tribes and indigenous communities

About the workshop

As a part its experiential learning series, buDa folklore is organizing a travel and cultural photography workshop at Honnavar. This program aims to bring together participants from diverse parts of India for the documentation of folklore heritage in coastal Karnataka.
The focus of the 3 days residential program is a visual documentation and study of:
1)       Living traditions and cultural practices of tribal communities.
2)       Tribal art and craft practices and performing arts of the region.
3)       The connection between the land and the people

As a part of the study program, participants will get to interact with tribal communities and have a hands-on experience in art and craft forms and other performing arts .
Modules are designed to explore the existing   tribal life and landforms. Interactive sessions will be held at Folk lore research Centre and in the tribal villages.
The photography sessions will involve portrait and landscape flora and fauna photography related to folklore culture. 
Each photo tour is meticulously planned by choosing locations which will build a relationship with the communities that is visited. The course will provide in-the-field hands-on instruction on technique and composition coupled with classroom sessions and image critiques.
 The instruction will be tailored to meet the needs of every individual, irrespective of the skill level or camera equipment.
This workshop is open to all 

Workshop Details  

Date: 9th Sept 2011 to 11th Sept 2011  


Venue: Folklore Research Center, Honnavar, Uttara Kannada, Karnataka

Please note that:
1)       Accommodation provided would be a comfortable and basic.
2)       Food served at the study center will be simple vegetarian homemade food.
3)       Participants are requested to bring their own camera/camera equipments..Sketchbook and other stationary items.

Please write to us before 5th Sept 2011 for your confirmation

Photos : Shailaja  Padindala and Anjali Anantharam who visited Honnavar

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